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You will find answers to about our electric vehicles and electric vehicle specialists service and more. Please feel free to contact us if you don't get your question's answer in below.

C+Charge tokens main utility will be to used to charge electric vehicles at thousands of charging stations around the globe. Token holders will also accumulate carbon credits, while EV drivers will be able to earn carbon credits for driving and charging with C+Charge.

All coins sold in presale for BNB will be permanently locked in the liquidity pool.

You can download the Whitepaper directly on our website by clicking the Whitepaper button in the menu.

The C- Charge team is based out of California, USA. California has more electric vehicles per capita than any other place!

Our international teams are based in Thailand & United Kingdom

As C+Charge expands we expect to add more teams in Germany, France, Brazil & Canada!

Search our database of partnered charging stations where you will be able to utilize your C+Charge wallet to pay for your vehicle’s charging.

The C+Charge app is not limited to passenger cars; it can help provide charged utility to municipal fleets that can include, city buses, heavy-duty trucks, delivery vans, or any EV commercial vehicle platform. By providing an effortless charging experience for companies, municipalities, and drivers, C+Charge is creating a new payment charging model that is good for the planet, good for society and good for business.

C+Charge token holders will receive carbon credits as a “reflection” from 1% collected on transaction taxes. Drivers who have the C+Charge app will also be able to earn additional carbon credit rewards from recharging their car utilizing the C+Charge wallet and app.